Attendance and punctuality are expected from all DPSA cadets. Absences are allowable when documentation is provided for 1) illness, 2) death in the family or 3) medical emergencies.

Please see the student and family handbook for specific attendance rules and procedures.


All cadets are expected to maintain a neat and clean appearance while at school. DPSA has a very simple uniform policy. Students may wear khaki, navy blue, or black pants and their DPSA issued polo shirts which are categorized by grade level. 

Middle Schools: Grey
High School Grades 9-11: Navy Blue
Seniors: Red

Students may wear long-sleeved shirts underneath their polos if they would like more layers, or purchase a DPSA fleece. At all times, the DPSA logo must be visible. 

Cadets may wear any shoe of their choosing as long as it is closed-toe. Crocks, sandals, and slippers are not permitted.  

​Dress Down Policy: 

Please see the student and family handbook for additional details and "dress down day" policies.



As of September 2015, Detroit Public Safety Academy has implemented an Anti-Bullying Initiative and Positive Behavior Support (PBIS) to help address bullying and harassment as well as other problem behaviors among middle and high school students.

Students will have the opportunity to earn rewards for demonstrating respectful and responsible behaviors in addition to receiving consequences for various problem behaviors.  The goal of the DPSA is to increase positive behaviors among students and decrease negative problem behaviors in an effort to ensure that DPSA is a safe learning environment for everyone.

Threatening or bullying students by intimidating, bullying, or interfering with other students by threats of violence or physical harm is prohibited.  Any student found bullying another student or staff will receive the following consequences:

First Occurrence:  Three (3) days Suspension/Parent Meeting/Behavior Contract
Second Occurrence:  Five (5) days Suspension/Parent Notification
All Other Occurrences:  Ten (10) days Suspension/Parent Notification

BULLYING IS NOT ALLOWED NOR TOLERATED IN ANY FORM.  This can occur during and after school or on and off school grounds.  There are many forms of bullying (please see below):

  • Physical bullying - repeated pushing, bumping, or other unwanted physical contact designed and intended to harm, embarrass, or demean another student.

  • Verbal bullying - repeated teasing, name-calling, use of profanity towards another individual, or harmful gossip.

  • Relational bullying - repeated intimidation, humiliation, exclusion, or social isolation.

  • Cyber bullying - repeatedly takes place electronically through text messaging or on social networks.

​If you believe that the behavior you have either experienced or witnessed is bullying - please complete the anonymous bullying report found below:

Detroit Public Safety Academy | Isaiah Pettway, School Leader
1250 Rosa Parks Blvd. Detroit, MI  48216
Tel: 313.965.6916 | 
Fax: 313.965.6938