Our Mission

Detroit Public Safety Academy, in partnership with our community, will provide a safe, innovative and nurturing environment where students are valued and treated with dignity and respect as staff prepare and engage them in meaningful, differentiated learning experiences that will promote distinguishable character and workforce success, particularly in the public safety arena.


Our Vision

Students at Detroit Public Safety Academy deserve a relevant, rigorous and safe environment in which they have an equal opportunity to learn and experience involvement in the type of activities that will help them develop into productive citizens. The skills they will acquire in character education and public safety education will allow them to become informed learners, enter prepared into secondary education and then on to productive careers.
DPSA students will enjoy a relevant Michigan standards-based curriculum that challenges and motivates them to learn and offers them choices about how they learn and how they are assessed. They deserve access to state-of-the-art resources, highly qualified teachers, technology, and real-life experiences provided by municipal, state and federal police and local firefighters that can take them into the world in which they will face their futures.

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Our Goals

Detroit Public Safety Academy will: 

  • Become the high school of choice because of its academic rigor and by meeting and/or exceeding SAT and M-Step standards.

  • Continue to maintain a high graduation rate. 

  • Embed character education into the curriculum: respect, responsibility, integrity, initiative, service, sacrifice and leadership.

  • Involve all levels of public service professionals as mentors, coaches and teachers. 

  • Reduce disparity in the public safety field by encouraging larger numbers of women and students of color to consider these fields.

  • Provide a service learning component that assists local communities to become healthier through volunteering.

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